Vitae – Realising the Potential of Researchers

Vitae - Realising the Potential of Researchers

Realising the potential of researchers, globally. Vitae is the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers, experienced in working with institutions as they strive for research excellence, innovation and impact. We are a non-profit programme, part of The Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) Ltd with over 45 years' experience in enhancing the skills and careers of researchers. We strengthen our members' institutional provision for the professional development of their researchers through:

  • research and innovation
  • training and resources
  • events
  • consultancy
  • membership.
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Vitae has four aims:

Influence the development and implementation of effective policy relating to researcher development

Enhance higher education provision to train and develop researchers

Empower researchers to make an impact in their careers

Evidence the impact of professional and career development support for researchers