Getting the most out of your development



With so many development options available, it can often be challenging to know which can help you the most, which can have the greatest impact, and which can best help to progress your research career.

This section aims to support you with that through reflective considerations and links that will help identify what development you would benefit from and which options best meet those needs.


Career progression and development is something personal and unique to each of us and yet so often we let the activities on offer determine what we do.  Instead, it’s important we focus on what we need for us personally and look at options after this.  The reflective questions can help you consider this with snippets of conversations with UCLan staff as inspiration.



1. Understand what it all means to you

I used to see development needs as remedial and because there’s a problem… 

  then I realised that mindset was the problem and by seeing development as an opportunity,  I feel the benefit.




2. Own your career

Career progression for me isn’t just about promotion to more senior levels… 

     it’s about extending and getting the most out of the role I am in.




3. Be creative

I always found workshops didn’t work for me…

    then I discovered the development activities that did!




4. Make it happen

  I used to blame my manager for the lack of personal development…

but always knew I didn’t do anything about it either




5. Develop, learn and practice

    The hardest thing about the development was having to put it into practice afterwards!