How to use this portal

Thank you for your interest in the Researcher Development Portal.

The Portal helps you plan your development and career progression in a number of ways…

Development Activity and Events provides you with a comprehensive list of the activity and events available across the University.

It has a basic search engine that will allow you to search for events by key words – e.g. writing – which will pull up all the various training events with a writing theme, with details of when and where these are taking place, where and how you should book, and other vital details*.

The activities are those provided by Services as well as Faculty Based events, where you can look specifically at those hosted by your own area or browse what is going on within other faculties of the University.  It also includes professional external events and this listing will grow as people advise us of their professional interests.

So, if you would like to know when all your preferred body events are, but don’t want to do the work – tell us who they are, and we will add them to the calendar!

Further searching can be achieved from the drop-down menu at the top of the homepage which details activity via Faculty and development theme.

*Please note; currently online events are all listed as having a date of Christmas Day and we are in the process of updating this appropriately

Getting the most out of your development is designed to help you identify, plan and drive your personal Research development and career progression.

By working through  each of the sections, you can consider what development means to you and what activity would be the most beneficial to you.  It also directs you to tips, techniques and further resources to help you plan and manage your career development and progression.

UCLan Research Networks provides updates on the different forums and networks available to our Research community with dates and outlines of the structures planned.

The networks are designed based on the direct feedback and requests of members to ensure the greatest value.  Keep informed on dates and programmes of activity by accessing this page throughout the year.

Personal Development Planning is linked directly with the Vitae Researcher Development Framework and acts as a search engine for all development activity. Each of the academic descriptors on the framework has been mapped to the training and development activity and events available to you.  This will allows you to search by the individual domains of the framework and development activity linked to these presented.


The framework is provided by Vitae, a part of CRAC (Careers Research Advisory Council) in response to the European Commission’s publication of the Concordat for Researcher Development.  If you are interested in any of these organisations, or the Framework, you can click on Useful Resources and you will find the appropriate links within there.

We hope that this level of course collation and mapping will provide valuable in both identifying development opportunities and achieve continuous successful career progression.

If you are having a problem with the website itself, have suggestions for additional activity or resources, or you have another more general query or comment then please e-mail and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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