Graduate Research School – STATS 3

3rd December 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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 To access this training on offer from the Graduate Research School, please go through the Graduate Research School Teams site.  In order to join this team site, you need to use the code jhr6z72 to join.  Go to the Teams main page, in the top right-hand corner click on ‘join or create team’. Once in, go to the ‘General’ channel, then at the top click on ‘training booking links’.  You will see all the sessions in date order.   You will be able to enrol onto the training sessions from the Graduate Research School via Microsoft Teams.  Please note access to these training sessions is for our Post Graduate Research Students in the first instance, however the Graduate Research School have informed me that there are sometimes places available that our research staff can access.  


Working with more than two variables, multiple regression and factorial ANOVA. This final

session of the course will examine more complex research designs in which we need to analyse many variables at once.  As with the bivariate analysis covered in STATS 2 we will look at tests of both association and difference. With multiple regression, we can use one set of variables to predict another, and so assess the power of different models to ‘explain’ the variation in our data and with multiple ANOVA, we can dig deeply into the differences that exist between subgroups defined by many different factors. SPSS gives us the ability to perform astonishingly complex analysis in a matter of seconds, but this has to be done carefully or it can make it even easier for us to fall into the problems discussed in STATS 1. By the end of STATS 3, you should at least have a good firm foundation in basic statistics that will enable you to plan your analysis in advance and read in more detail about the techniques you intend to use.