Graduate Research School – STATS 2

April 15 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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To access this training on offer from the Graduate Research School, please go through the Graduate Research School Teams site.  In order to join this team site, you need to use the code jhr6z72 to join.  Go to the Teams main page, in the top right-hand corner click on ‘join or create team’. Once in, go to the ‘General’ channel, then at the top click on ‘training booking links’.  You will see all the sessions in date order.   You will be able to enrol onto the training sessions from the Graduate Research School via Microsoft Teams.  Please note access to these training sessions is for our Post Graduate Research Students in the first instance, however the Graduate Research School have informed me that there are sometimes places available that our research staff can access.  



Simple significance tests, bivariate correlations, T-tests, oneway analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and their non-parametric equivalents. Once we are confident that we are conducting the right analysis for the right reasons (covered in STATS 1), we can begin to carry out some simple tests. This session will go through some of the most common statistical techniques that are used to look at pairs of variables. We will cover measures of association (i.e. is there a relationship between two variables, such that they vary together in a recognisable pattern?) and tests of difference (i.e. are there differences between the variables that are bigger than one might expect to find by chance alone?).  We will also look at the different kinds of tests we can use when we have the classic bell-curve distribution (known as ‘parametric statistics) and when we do not.