Graduate Research School – Becoming a Better Writer

March 18 @ 10:00 am

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To access this training on offer from the Graduate Research School, please go through the Graduate Research School Teams site.  In order to join this team site you need to use the code jhr6z72 to join.  Go to the Teams main page, in the top right hand corner click on ‘join or create team’. Once in, go to the ‘General’ channel, then at the top click on ‘training booking links’.  You will see all the sessions in date order.   You will be able to enrol onto the training sessions from the Graduate Research School via Microsoft Teams.  Please note access to these training sessions is for our Post Graduate Research Students in the first instance, however the Graduate Research School have informed me that there are sometimes places available that our research staff can access.  

Becoming a Better Writer
Nobody is born writing good academic English, it is a skill that
we learn and develop.
This workshop will explore what is good writing and what is
meant by good academic style. Through interactive activities,
participants will look at common issues in academic writing
and consider how to apply lessons learnt to their own work.
Key areas covered:
• UK Academic Writing
• Academic Style
– Style and “Un-Academic” Writing
– Redundancy
– Informal Vs. Formal Language
• Paragraphing
This workshop is suitable for all, both native and non-native
speakers of English.