EPIGEUM ONLINE TRAINING PROVISION – Getting Published in the Arts (RES003)

December 31 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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Why publish? To extend knowledge? To engage in academic debate? Or because you feel under intense pressure to do so in order to get on in your career? The aim of this course is to give guidance and support to arts and humanities students who are keen to put their research into the public realm, through academic papers and books.  To assist us in this task we have drawn on the help of a group of people in the same position, early career researchers, people who have recent experience of trying and suceeding to publish. You will meet them as you progress through the course and we are sure that you will find their experienecs and thoughts helpful. We have also brought together a group of editors to give us their thoughts on how to get published – where better than to hear it from the people who are directly involved?