Foster Open Science – Managing & Sharing Research Data (Online)

December 31

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The FOSTER portal is an e-learning platform that brings together the best training resources addressed to those who need to know more about Open Science, or need to develop strategies and skills for implementing Open Science practices in their daily workflows. Here you will find a growing collection of training materials. Many different users – from early-career researchers, to data managers, librarians, research administrators, and graduate schools – can benefit from the portal. In order to meet their needs, the existing materials will be extended from basic to more advanced-level resources. In addition, discipline-specific resources will be created.

Data-driven research is becoming increasingly common in a wide range of academic disciplines, from Archaeology to Zoology, and spanning Arts and Science subject areas alike. To support good research, we need to ensure that researchers have access to good data. Upon completing this course, you will:

  • understand which data you can make open and which need to be protected
  • know how to go about writing a data management plan
  • understand the FAIR principles
  • be able to select which data to keep and find an appropriate repository for them
  • learn tips on how to get maximum impact from your research data